Your Brain is Like a Garden

Be careful what you plant and choose what you sow wisely to get the best garden

Our thoughts influence us so much. They determine how we feel and how we behave all the time. 

It feels like thoughts are just there, we don't choose them and can't control them. 

Or can we?

The thing is, thoughts are not facts. They are driven by our beliefs that have been developed over years of experiences. That's why 2 people can react very differently to the same situation.

The thing is, our brains can't really tell what's true and what's not so will believe anything you tell it.

Think of your brain as being like the most fertile of gardens. Whatever you plant there will grow wild. 

Choose your seeds wisely:

Plant lots of helpful, positive seeds and you'll sow lots of happiness and calm

Plant lots of unhelpful, negative seeds and you'll sow sadness and anxiety.

Today, I'm planting seeds of "I can do it".

What are you planting in your 'garden'?

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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